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    Rules & All About D.T.C.


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    Rules & All About D.T.C.

    Post by Seba7486 on Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:34 am

    Darkness Team Comunity is a forum for all type of mugen topics, like chars, stages, screenpacks, lifebars, etc. Very Happy Laughing
    As a comunity and as forum, we need to have some rules, and well, here we are :

    1.- Were not gonna alow any type of stuff hentai or XXX, The user that break this rule with be sanctioned.
    2.- You can't ask about private stuff like SP, Chars, etc, you will have only information of the char if the autor publicates the progress.
    3.- Here you can't make spam of other forums or pages, the user that break this rule will be sanctioned.
    4.- You can't insult the autors or any other member of the forum, the user who break this rule will be sanctioned.
    5.-After breaking at least 3-4 rules the user will be banned from the forum.

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